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Adventures of BatTracy
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BatTracy is Handcuffed & Trapped without her Utility Belt!
7 Minutes ●  $8.99  ● 
WMV format
This short BatTracy adventure is all about our favorite damsel stuck in a trap. BatTracy wakes up to find herself bound to a chair and handcuffed. Her utility belt has been removed, but it is on the ground only a few feet away from her. The heroine tries desperately to wiggle her way free, but can not get loose from the ropes. However, the daring detective has a plan! She must hop the chair closer to her belt and knock her self over to the ground to be able to reach a bat device to remove her binds. Will BatTracy's plan work? Will she get free? Watch to find out!
Tags: Batgirl,Batman,Batgurl,BatTracy,Bondage,Struggle,Suit,Leotard,Panythose,Stockings,Superheroine,SUPERHEROINES,tied,rope,trap,tracy jordan,belt,gag
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